“Interdisciplinary research is important”, says BITS Pilani VC

November 13, 2014

A national conference on nano- and functional materials (NFM-2014) was organised by BITS Pilani on November 12, 2014. This was organised by the Department of Chemistry at the Pilani Campus. There were around 100 participants, who attended the two-day conference that witnessed 28 talks and 40 posters exploring variety of research fields bonding with nano- and material science. Prof Anil Kumar, Head of the Department of Chemistry, welcomed the gathering and spoke about the parts and participation of the department in progressive teaching and active research on the Pilani Campus. During the conference the conveyor, Dr. Inamur Laskar highlighted the conference theme. Prof. B. N. Jain, Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani, also stressed the importance of interdisciplinary research. Prof. Raghurama, Director, Pilani Campus reinforced the thought and mentioned the emergence of seamless platforms in cross-disciplinary research. The chief guest of the conference, Dr. Amita Gill, Director, DST Rajasthan presented the vision and mission of DST Rajasthan and emphasised on developing a scientific work atmosphere in the society and appealed for focusing on growth of society by working on projects in Science and Technology. She mentioned several schemes offered by DST Rajasthan, especially the "Student Project Scheme" and encouraged the young minds to avail such opportunities to cultivate research aptitude. Dr. A. Ajayaghosh from NIIST, Thiruvanthapuram, delivered the keynote lecture on fluorescent molecular assemblies and discussed their applications in sensing and imaging. In the plenary lecture, Prof. Tarasakar Pal from IIT Kharagpur gave an overview on the role of metal and metal oxide nano materials in catalysis for meeting societal needs.

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