Australia’s Deakin University commits Research Initiatives to support 'Make India’ Campaign

November 7, 2014

While India is awakening to a new dawn of global competitiveness through it’s “Make in India” international marketing campaign - a brain child of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi - Australia’s Deakin University, ahead of his official state visit to Australia; announced a number of key announcements in research initiatives and higher education as its bigger supportive role in Mr. Modi’s dream for India.

 While discussing Deakin University’s vision for Indian research and higher education sector the University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander said that through global industry partnerships, by creating a vibrant culture of research and world class teaching environment Deakin University in its 20-years journey in India has created a strong foundation for India to step in to International competitive market better equipped.

 She was speaking at Australian High Commission in India’s special ceremonywhere Deakin University was acknowledged for its achievements and contribution across two decades in India. 

 Ahead of Mr. Narender Modi’s visit to Australia; during her visit to India, Professor den Hollander also made a number of key announcements to support Mr. Modi’s ‘Make India’ Campaign.

 Deakin University has committed well over $A10 million in the research initiatives in India, with 20 strategic academic partners, 20 research partners and 15 corporate partnerships.  While discussing Deakin’s expansion plans in India, Professor Hollander said, “we will establish the South Asia operations of Deakin University through our office in New Delhi: a significant step in terms of expansion of the University’s operations in the region and will ensure real-time access and the optimal use of resources to forge new strategic partnerships.”

 Professor den Hollander said “Deakin is renowned for its research in advanced materials, nanotechnology, life sciences and health and we have committed ourselves to collaborate with India on high-end research which is helping to develop solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.”

 While quoting Mr. Alfred Deakin – the Australian Prime Minister for whom our university is named – Professor Jane den Hollander said that “it was late Mr. Alfred Deakin’s dream that the students from Australia and India traverse international borders and form lasting intellectual partnerships and with India’s newly elected Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s vision for intellectual partnerships in manufacturing sector; we find that two great prime ministers in different time share the same vision.

 “The story of Deakin in India has been one of collaboration, friendship, discovery and strong strategic partnerships that transcend geographical, academic and cultural borders.The relationship has evolved to include partnerships with some of India’s premier universities, research institutions and businesses,” she added.

 “The strong synergy between Deakin and India has strengthened the relationship between our countries and seen new skills, jobs and outcomes for the people in the communities that we serve.As Deakin looks to the future in India with confidence, it is time to celebrate that journey.”


Source: Daily Bhaskar

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