Utility of degrees beyond securing jobs: Najeeb Jung

November 3, 2014

The utility of education is beyond securing employment. This is the message Lt Governor Najeeb Jung gave today to graduating students of Dr BR Ambedkar University.

"Utility of degrees is beyond securing jobs. Gaining education is just one step towards rising above the challenges in life as well as betterment of society," Jung, who is also the Chancellor of the university, said in his convocation address. It is worth giving a thought that why have you come so forward in gaining education? Just to take up a job or achieve larger goals?

"Getting jobs is not difficult but the goal of coming to universities should be bigger. The idea is to impart education that has certain depth in it and to take formal education in the country a step forward," he added.

"It is up to you how you and your generation will lead the country. Our generation has let us down, we haven't done anything but we are hopeful that you will show us the way forward," said Jung.

Addressing the gathering, noted political and social activist Aruna Roy said, "The wires between education and knowledge are interconnected. One thing leads to another but same things can't be repeated again and again, improvement has to go on."

"Our Constitution is a wonderful document but it needs to be revised too from time to time, the same applies to our education system," she added.

374 students from various undergraduate and post graduate courses were conferred degrees today on the varsity's 3rd annual convocation.

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