Higher Education survey to be launched by MHRD

October 28, 2014

An All India Survey on Higher Education 2014-15 will be launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The survey will be annual and web-based, seeking to conduct a pan-India study on the state of higher education in the country since 2010-11. Uptil now, MHRD has issued the final reports of AISHE 2011-12 along with the provisional reports of AISHE 12-13, which are available in the public domain. The AISHE service conducts research on parameters such as faculty details, student enrolment, different programs, accreditation, result of examinations, infrastructure, education finance, scholarships, etc. The data is use to formulate decisions and in conducting research in the arena of education development. The reliable and exhaustive database created by the survey is updated every year on the basis of information provided by the institutes. The MHRD and the Government of India are planning out many recommendations, initiatives and policies to revamp the education system of the country.

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