Certificate courses in northeast languages by DU

October 27, 2014

Delhi University is planning to offer short-term certificate courses in eight northeast Indian languages in the run-up to its preparation for the heritage tour to that region in December. "There is a proposal to offer short-term courses in eight different languages of the northeast, which will include tutorials on basic working knowledge of the languages and not the detailed scripts," DU vice chancellor Dinesh Singh said. "The Linguistic department is working on details as well as structure of the course and we will have a plan of action soon," he added. According to PTI, as many as 900 students will be given the opportunity to travel on "Dharodhar-Gyanodaya Express" from December 20 to 30, which is all set to travel to northeast region this year to enrich students about the culture and heritage of the region. "While the university has invited proposals from the students regarding the projects they would like to undertake during the journey, the short-term certificate courses will give an opportunity to the students to learn the languages irrespective of the tour," Prof Chandrahekhar, Coordinator for the Gyanodyaa Express said. The certificate courses which will run for a duration of one month will be open to all students whether they are selected for the train journey or not. "The languages for the proposed courses include Assamese, Nagamese, Manipuri, Arunachali and Tripuri. There will be foundation courses in Nepali and Bengali as well which are widely spoken in Sikkim and Tripura respectively," said Dr Santacruz, Deputy Dean Students' Welfare and Coordinator for the northeast students. "However, no decision has been reached yet on whether these are one-time courses or will be offered in future as well," he added. According to the university records, around 5,000 students from the northeastern states are enrolled in various undergraduate and post graduate programmes. While DU's Linguistic department doesn't offer any full-time courses in the northeastern language, the undergraduate students have an option of choosing either Assamese or Manipuri as an elective during their three-year degree course

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