German govts CASHSS proposal makes a headway, meet in Bonn

October 9, 2014

German government's proposal to establish a Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (CASHSS) in India, one of the four such centres in the world, will make a headway later this month when the evaluation meeting takes place in Bonn. A representative of the HRD ministry will be part of the evaluation process.

The German government wants one school each in South and South-East Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle-East.

Vijay Gokhale, Indian ambassador to Germany, is a keen votary of the proposal and has been advocating the setting up of CASHSS. After the announcement was made last year, two proposals were received from Institute of Economic Growth and Jawaharlal Nehru University to partner the proposed centre. Though Germany has found the proposals by IEG and JNU to be excellent, University of Singapore has also shown interest to become a partner and edge out India from the scene.

CASHSS will be funded in three phases and up to 12 years. In the first phase, Germany and the partner country will plan and prepare the establishment, and the German side will meet the entire cost of 1 million Euros. In the second phase, German and Indian partners will develop a research plan for the school under a joint funding programme. Research work will be on jointly identified topics. Germany will provide up to 2 million Euros each year up to 6 years. In the final phase, exhaustive research in individual fields will be taken up.

CASHSS aims to create close and equal cooperation between German researchers and the partner country. An equal number of top-class social scientists from Germany and the host country will be responsible for research programmes and depending on the topic they can invite experts from other countries to cooperate on a topic of importance.

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