Its time for kids to make a Mars orbiter

October 9, 2014

A science communicator has decided to give children an idea of what it feels like to put together a spacecraft which can orbit Mars, based on India's Mangalyaan.

Dhananjay Rawal, a city-based science communicator, has made a Do-It-Yourself model of Mars Orbiter which can be cut out of cardboard and assembled by children. Rawal feels children in US cultivate an interest in science through hands-on activities. This approach should get a push in India as well, so science is taken to children in a most unassuming manner.

"The success of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was a watershed moment not only for scientists but also for the general public. Children were the most enthused. We decided to make a very simple-to-construct model of the orbiter," said Rawal. He said that the kit also includes a cutout of the PSLV C25 rocket, which was used for the orbiter's launch, to complete the entire picture.

Launched just before the mission, the kit has been distributed to many children across the state. "Scientists of Isro and PRL guided us in the designing, due to which we have been able to replicate the look. We have observed that children have learnt a lot about the orbiter through the exercise. The model forms part of a lecture series that we take at social gatherings and schools where we talk about the mission and its importance," said Rawal.

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