MA classes in toilet, after govt college in Gurgaon ran out of space

October 1, 2014

A government college in Gurgaon has been forced to convert a toilet into a makeshift classroom for its MA students in sociology after it ran out of space.

The Dronacharya Government College on New Railway road has used a toilet as a classroom for the past two years. Principal R K Yadav said this was because there weren't enough government funds to expand the number of classrooms.

"We need at least 25 more classrooms. We got approvals for 12 classrooms almost a year ago. But the state government has not yet sanctioned funds for the construction work. So, we were forced to convert one of the college toilets into a makeshift classroom for about 40 MA students," Yadav said.

Rahul (name changed), a final-year sociology MA student, said he has been attending lectures in the toilet of the new Arts block of the college for over a year now. "There are 60 students in our batch, out of which some 35 go to the toilet every day to attend classes. It's humiliating, but at least it's is better than sitting out in the sun for lectures," he said.

Manoj (name changed), another MA student, said: "We were told by the college administration last year that arrangements will be made for a new classroom within a year. It's been almost two years but nothing has changed. We are still waiting for a proper classroom to be built in our college."

Prof Bhup Singh, a senior faculty member of the college, blamed bureaucracy for the delay. "It's been close to four years since the college started the master's degree courses. Despite being aware of the need for more classrooms, some government officials seem to be sitting on the file," he said.

Rupali (name changed), another sociology student, claimed that sometimes the nauseating stench from the toilet-turned-classroom is unbearable, despite the room being cleaned daily. "No one seems to be concerned about the problems we face," she added. She also claimed that many a time, others in the college ridicule them for attending lectures in the toilet. "What to do?" she asked.

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