6000 students to be part of “Exchange for Change programme”

September 30, 2014

A private initiative called "Exchange for Change 2013-2015'' programme has roped in more than 6000 students from India and Pakistan to bridge in the Indo-Pak school students' gap. This programme which is world's largest oral history program has its main objective as helping students in both the countries realize that a sustained dialogue is the only means to encourage them to form their opinions.

During the life of this project, a sustained exchange of written, visual and oral histories will take place between the students.

Non-governmental organization Routes 2 Roots founder Rakesh Gupta said that it will finally culminate in a visit of select children and teachers from all the schools to both the countries. Students falling between the age bar of 10-14 years would be participating in the program. Dehradun has been a new addition to the list of participating cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi.

6200 Children from 37 schools and 7 cities of India and Pakistan are part of this programme; thereby making it world's largest Exchange for Change program across the two countries. 




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