DU Law Course derecognised by BCI

September 29, 2014

Delhi University (DU) Law Graduates are a wporried lot as the apex regulatory body for law education and the legal profession in the country, the Bar Council of India, has decided to derecognise DU's law course taught at its three centres namely Campus Law Centre (CLC), Law Centre-I (LC-I) and Law Centre-II (LC-II). The students admitted in these centres since 2011-12 cannot enroll as advocates and practise after passing out, a daily has reported.


This move was taken on grounds that the university was â??not bothered and not taking care at allâ?? to follow BCI rules.

The BCI wrote to the vice-chancellor (VC) of the DU on September 22, regarding â??extension of approval of affiliation and enrolment of students who have passed out from the law centres of the University of Delhi beyond year 2010-11â??.

It wrote that â??in absence of extension of approval of affiliation of these law centres the students who were admitted in the sessions 2011-12 onward and passed out from the academic year 2013-14 are not eligible for enrolment as advocates. You are therefore advised to take appropriate action with regard to these law centres and inform the Council about steps taken in this regard immediatelyâ??.

As per the rules, a law college/law school/institution that has not been inspected for a continuous period of five years shall have to apply afresh to the BCI and seek approval of affiliation on or before July 31, 2010. Those colleges which fail to apply lose the right to impart legal degree.

BCI decided to amend the rules to ensure periodic inspection of such centres on student intake, infrastructure, facilities and timings.

Professor Ashwani Kumar Bansal, dean, Faculty of Law, DU, however, assured the students that their degree will not go waste as he has already replied to BCI reminding them that they gave us time till December 31 this year to apply for approval.


Last week the BCI asked law schools to prevent empty classrooms by forbidding term-time internships.


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