Literary event for children to be held in Delhi today

September 23, 2014

Delhi will host a literary event for youth and children today to promote efficient writing skills and nurture talent. 

The event is for students and is being organized by Cinedarbaar in collaboration with the National Book Trust (NBT). 

"Since 2014 marks 125 years of Jawaharlal Nehru, the literary activities will have a theme of 'Chacha Nehru', drawing inspiration from his life and work. The objective of this event is to get children acquainted with his works," said a statement from Cinedarbaar. 

The event will encourage and help children develop their writing skills and learn how to effectively use the new media to write. 

"New media being the upcoming medium of mass targeting will help the children to not only self-publish their works through the medium of blogs but also let them test and improve their writing by putting it to the world for criticism," the statement added.

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