UGC released notification, foreign students to seek permission for admission in India

September 22, 2014

India is becoming a main centre and attraction for thousands of foreign students, not only for its beauty but for its educational process. Many foreign students arrive in India each year to pursue a course in Indian universities. The main attraction for such students is the feasibility of admissions, less expensive tuition fee and easy stay. However, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has released a tough rule in this regard. Foreign students will now have to seek permission from the UGC or the Minister for Human Resources Development (MHRD) to get admission in Indian colleges/universities.

The notification came as UGC lately observed that some universities in India are engaged with foreign universities directly without informing any government authorities. Such universities also provide admission to foreign students directly without any involvement of central officials. Secrecy with admission by them causes damage to the Indian universities and leads to threats for the national security. In order to avoid problems such as these, the UGC has taken stringent measures to not allow any foreign students and Indian universities to get in direct contact with any other universities without its prior permission. Following the norm, no promotional activities abroad will be carried out by any university/affiliated institutions without explicit knowledge/advice of local Indian Embassy/High Commission in this regard.

The higher educational institutions will also have to take prior permission from the UGC & MHRD before planning any activities, promotional or otherwise. A failure to do so may result in intervention by the UGC against such actions. 

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