India ranks 5th for most preferred MBA destinations

September 19, 2014

India is the fifth most preferred study destination for MBA students, says a new report.

Among the top 10 preferred study destinations, the list is topped by United States followed by United Kingdom, Canada, France, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and the Netherlands. Besides having a good reputation for educational system, India is mostly preferred for its factors relating to affordability of education/tuition fees and the availability of finance as a preferred choice for students.

Management programs are generally too expensive to pursue and many students have to arrange for its funding from banks as loans. So, for obvious reasons the most common factor a prospective student considers while pursuing a graduate management degree is the cost of education.

Such situations prompt MBA candidates to finance nearly half of their education through a medium of personal earnings, savings and loans. According to the survey report, specialized master's students who wish to pursue a course in management expect to rely on parental support and personal earnings or savings to finance half the cost of their education.

Stringent visa rules for the study destinations also add as an important factor while choosing a study destination. India provides ample of such lease on part of students wanting to pursue a course in the country. The primary motivation of today’s business school students to pursue a graduate management education is consistent with the past to increase job opportunities, develop knowledge, skills, and abilities and higher salary potential.



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