Smriti Irani to bring changes in teacher education

September 15, 2014

After spending two days in retreat with vice-chancellors of central university, HRD minister Smriti Irani will discuss the roadmap for bringing changes in teacher education, today. Nearly 200 VCs of central, state and private universities will be in attendance.


Top on the agenda will be bringing the entire teacher education under the university system. Currently, pre-service education of teachers for the secondary or higher secondary level is carried out at post-graduate level while for elementary teachers, it is only post-secondary certificate course outside the university system. This happened despite the Education Commission of 1966 having said that teacher training programme should be part of the university system.

Diverse system, UGC believes, is a "vestige of the colonial times" and therefore needs to be addressed. In this context, VCs will discuss if offering affiliation to teacher education institutions can be a solution. They will also look into the prospect of university departments opening such courses on campus as well as academic prerequisite for entry and level of certification, should it be diploma or post-graduate diploma.

Putting the focus on quality of teacher education, the meeting will evaluate the implementation of National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (2009). Of 239 universities where teacher education programmes are being offered, only 73 universities have revised their teacher education curriculum. The meeting will focus on speedy implementation of the NCFTE curriculum framework in all universities and ensure that teacher education institutions go through accreditation process for quality control.

Also on the agenda will be enhancing the duration of BEd and MEd programmes. This again has been lingering for a long time despite Education Commission having recommended that duration of BEd should be more than one year and Varma Commission specifically saying that both BEd and MEd should be of two years each.

In order to strengthen research in teacher education, an ignored area so far, VCs will discuss how best it can be brought at par with research in other subjects. Various options will be on the table. This includes allocating more funds for research in education, creation of research promotion body and supporting joint research across universities.


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