Dilemma over Classical Telugu or T dialect

September 11, 2014

 The question now on the minds of academics and experts in the new state is: Should school textbooks teach classical Telugu or its dialect spoken in Telangana?

The Telugu syllabus from class 1 to 10 is set for a complete overhaul and the new syllabus will come into effect in Telangana from the 2015-16 academic year. Recently, the government had formed a committee to recommend the changes to be incorporated into the new syllabus. Including lessons on the history of Telangana and its culture is obvious, but the committee is debating on whether the textbooks should be in the Telangana dialect or not.

"My opinion is that the Telangana dialect should be incorporated in the Telugu textbooks. Having achieved a separate state, it is only logical that the language gets its due status. There are bound to be differences of opinion on this, but in my view all the Telugu textbooks should be written in the Telangana dialect itself," said language expert Nalemela Bhaskar, a retired lecturer from Karimnagar. Bhaskar has been included as an expert in the Telugu textbooks review committee.


Prof P Kanakaiah of Telugu University said he has urged the committee not to compromise on adopting the Telangana dialect. "There is no need to use Sanskritized Telugu anymore. The Telangana dialect is simple. People may argue that it is a bit odd to read the dialect in textbooks, but they would get used to it. What's the point in not writing the way we speak?" he said.

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