Teachers Day: Top 5 gifts to appreciate your Guru

September 5, 2014

Teacher’s day is a special day to appreciate the people who give us knowledge and celebrate to honor them for their great contributions in their specialized field. India celebrates this day by remembering Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. And this is the primary and main reason why Teachers Day is celebrated in India. This day is falling on 5th of September, and students pay a special homage to gurus.

On this auspicious day every student shows their love for their guru by giving some special cards, gifts, flowers etc. in case you are not finding the perfect gift then, we have brought to you a list of amazing gifts which one can present to their gurus and pay them earnest gratitude. The best way to celebrate this day is to present a thoughtful gift to your beloved guru. Just pick one and gift the same. Happy Teachers Day!

Flowers and chocolates

This can be a simple but a wonderful gift, so just go ahead and purchase the same. Pick a set of flowers and collaborate it with chocolates. Rose can be the safe option in case you are confused with a sweet note of message from your side, just to bring a curvy smile on your guru’s face.

Pen and Diary

One of the sensible gifts which are essential for any teacher is there mighty sword. This set of gift is not that expensive and at the same time very meaningful for this occasion. You can also write down some meaningful thoughts on diary and then gift to them.

Books or Novels

Gifting books or a set of amazing novels can be a very intellectual gift from student’s side, which depicts gratitude and respect towards them. Or even a membership in a library can be the best gift given by a student to their teacher. And ya don’t forget to write the special message in the book.

Greeting cards

A common but still a meaningful gift which can be easily given on any random day. But ya while purchasing do remember that the idea behind gifting the card is well conveyed through the card. Choose the best and a unique card which defines your guru in a proper way.

Photo Frames

A gift which portrays your sweet gesture, and can be used to capture a beautiful memory and special moments of those days. A gift which can be most appreciated, so click a group photo of your class or just random pictures of your teacher and gift them the same.




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