Pwc survey reveals 81% of Indian employees willing to reskill themselves to remain relevant

September 4, 2014

Smart employees would want to reskill themselves and work in an organisation with a powerful social conscience. They are prepared to be always available (via technology) in return for secure employment.

Moreover, new innovations and technological advancements are overtaking the old ones which is leading a collision between the traditional and recent business models. So, it is important to reflect that the scale of expected change is not unprecedented and precautions are taken to monitor it. The report includes setting out the recruitment, REWARD and employee engagement strategies that are likely to be most relevant as these worlds evolve, and what this would mean for businesses, workforces and HR.

The survey commissioned by Pwc noted that job security is most important for 53 per cent of Indian respondents but 58 per cent do not expect traditional employment to be around in the future.

Around 42 per cent respondents said that they wanted to ideally work for themselves, instead of any elite organisation while 81 per cent are willing to completely re-train themselves to remain relevant.

Technology breakthroughs, resource scarcity and climate change will mostly transform the way people work over the next 5-10 years. The survey results claim the formation of three distinct 'worlds of work' -- Blue, Green and Orange.

The Blue World  is where corporate is king and there is a relentless pressure to perform. These elite organisations employ only the best, and OFFER long-term job security and reward. Only 10 per cent of the total 10,000 saw this as their ideal employer.

Next, the Green World - the caring companies - that rethink their values and goals, have a powerful social and environmental conscience, and whose values closely match those of their employees. Around 53 per cent of global respondents chose this as their ideal employer.

And finally, the Orange World - where small is beautiful. These organisations fragment into looser networks, brought together by technology, with social media heightening the connectivity.

Around 33 per cent opted for this as their ideal employer.

While there is no definitive declaration of what the future work would be but taking precautions and preparing for it would enhance the chances of profundity.


Source: I.T                                                                                                         

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