IITs to provide internship programmes to North Eastern students

August 30, 2014

In a move prompted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for integration of northeastern states, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have come forward with a proposal to OFFER internships and exposure trips to students belonging to North Eastern region.

Last week, IITs made a presentation to Modi and Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani wherein they proposed to host 2,016 schools students from northeastern states on their campuses during vacation and also OFFER internships to 250 college students. These students will be paid Rs 8, 000 per month as a stipend. The presentation was given by IIT Guwahati Director Gautam Biswas. Sources reveal that this programme titled 'Ishaan Vikaas' has got an approval from the PM and the HRD minister.

According to a newspaper, an IIT Director said that there is an imbalance between the educational facilities available in the northeastern states and the rest of the country. He added that the students in this region are not aware of the opportunities in higher education and therefore lack the ambition to succeed. The proposal made on behalf of the IITs aims at helping them spend time at the country's best institutes to hone their approach to academics and life.

Under Ishaan Vikaas, the 16 IITs and 5 IISERs will host 2,016 students of classes IX and XI selected from 504 schools (63 schools from each of the seven states) in one academic year. Each of the 21 institutions will invite two batches of 32 students each during the summer break and one batch during the winter break having equal number of class IX and XI students. During their stay, school students will attend lectures, discussions, visit classrooms and laboratories. Also, they will have senior students as their mentors.


An annual expenditure of Rs 5.4 crore has been projected by IITs for hosting schools students and Rs 1.2 crore for the internship programme.

Source: I.T. 

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