College education free for girls in Karnataka, 1,298 lecturers to be recruited

August 27, 2014

With an aim on encouraging higher education among girls, the Karnataka government has made college education free for 1.25 lakh more girls in the state, according to a recent announcement by the higher education department officials, a daily has reported.

Under the new policy, girl students are exempted from paying tuition fees as well as laboratory fees.

Earlier, free education in degree courses was offered to students of government colleges only. It has now been extended to girl students of aided colleges as well.

The government also said 1,298 lecturers will be appointed for government-run degree colleges based on the Common Entrance Test (CET) system. The recruitment will commence by September 15, 2014. The CET system is expected to bring uniformity among the candidates of all varsities.

Lecturers already appointed at degree colleges will have to face the biometric attendance system by October, 2014, which is a common practice already in 310 government degree colleges. Few other measures for a better education system include the Education Monitoring Infrastructure System, which will be used to keep a tab on the syllabus covered by all the colleges on a day-to-day basis.

The officials also assured that the government/aided degree colleges have been granted permission to launch 15 new courses in the current year, provided the colleges have the necessary infrastructural facilities. 

In a similar move, the Chhattisgarh government has made graduation-level education free for girls in the state, which will be a boon for around one lakh girls. The policy of free graduate education in all state public colleges as well as technical institutes will be put into effect from the current academic year.

Source:  I.T.



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