School dropouts to receive financial assistance in completing education: Smriti Irani

August 25, 2014

Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has announced that school dropouts, unable to complete their education due to financial restraints, will be eligible for a new programme to be launched by the Centre. The programme will help students return to school and complete their education. It will not only help the students reach Class 12 (or equivalent), but will also support them till doctorate level.

The programme, which will be rolled out by December, will help students complete education up to PhD level, she said, addressing students of Vivekanand Education Society, Chembur.

"Women, tribal children and those from other backward or scheduled castes cannot afford higher education. Many drop out as they have to get employment. I also left education as I had no money," IANS quoted Irani as saying.

Under the proposed plan, those who were compelled to leave the education system at the VIIIth standard would be facilitated to return to education. The government would make the framework of equivalence for their degrees and vocation up to the doctorate level, she assured.

The minister said that the government has recently launched 'Ishan Vikas' programme involving students between Class IX and XI, who have the potential to become researchers or scientists, to visit top-class technical institutions like the IITs and IIMs for orientation.

"Around 2200 students shall be taken to these top institutes in two batches every year for orientation," she said.

Lauding an initiative called 'Yuva For Seva' implemented in some institutions in Mumbai, Irani hinted that it might be incorporated in the proposed new education policy being finalised by her ministry.

"Our National Education Policy was last made in 1986. Now we are planning a new policy as the roadmap for the future. We will roll out a schedule to gather inputs from all. I am hoping 'Yuva For Seva' will be a part of it," Irani said.

'Yuva For Seva' of the VES Institute of Management Studies & Research, involves management students going to villages for three weeks as part of their curriculum, said its director Satish Modh.

Irani added that the government would develop government schools and promote use of technology in their routine affairs within a year.

This would enable parents to know in real-time on their mobile phones when the child reached school, his/her days events at school, what assignments are given and whether these have been completed or not, etc.

Source: I.T.



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