Civil Services Preliminary exam 2014 - Last Moment Tips and suggestions

August 12, 2014


Civil Services Preliminary exam 2014 - Last Moment Tips and suggestions

Excitement, nervousness and curiosity are the only words for those preparing for the 2014 civil services preliminary examination. Civil services are one of the most sought-after jobs in India, the examination for which is a hard nut to crack. It's not just a four-five month preparation, but years of hard labour and dedication help an individual to come out with flying colors.

If you neeed the key to unlock the doorway to the Union government, state governments and public sector undertakings, it is time you braced yourself for the first hurdle. Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commissoon (UPSC), in order to screen eligible candidates for the Civil Services Mains examinations, will help you land a job. This year the Civil Services Preliminary examination is to be held on August 24, 2014.


With hardly a fortnight is left, here are few things you should keep in mind:

Thoroughly go through the last 10 years question papers and practice each one of the. You never know you might be lucky, as some old question might pop in. Hundreds of mock papers and sample practice question papers are available online to which you could have an easy access. You can also purchase books like Maronama Yearbook, Competition Success and the like from markets along with practice papers.

 Be it on radio, television or through newspapers, you have to keep yourself acquainted with the day to day happenings of the globe. Subscribe to a good newspaper and be regular with its reading. Talk to people and discuss about things happening around. There might be always something new that you might come to know.

The style of syllabus in both Papers is different and accordingly your preparation strategy should also be adjusted. Paper I stresses on memory and retention skills while Paper II tests your conceptual and problem solving skills.

You shouldn't just study the first topic that you come across. Rather, prioritize and plan. Topics like GK, Polity, Maps can be prepared quickly and fetch easy marks. Tackle them early to pocket 30-40 marks even before you step into the exam hall.

There would be negative marking, so attend the questions cautiously. It ain't any joke that you might mark answers without being confident about them as it would have a bad impact on your score. Don't keep pondering upon questions if you are unaware about their answers. Move on to other questions, solve the ones that you know well and then in the end when some time is left, return back to attempt those questions.

What the year 2010 topper said ?

S Divyadharshini, UPSC 2010 topper, had said that strict adherence to study schedules and astute planning are the route to success. She would revise for about three-to-four hours a day and spend another four hours updating on facts and general knowledge. During that time, she also started practising mock question papers.


Source: I.T.  

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