UGC order leaves Delhi University colleges confused

June 23, 2014

New Delhi: It is now uncertain whether Delhi University colleges will be able to declare the first cutoff list for undergraduate admissions as per schedule-the entire programme appears to have changed in the 10 days since the application process ended. The first cutoff list for 2014-15 was to be declared onJune 24.
Although majority of colleges said they will continue with meetings of the admission committee to decide cutoffs , the latest University Grants Commission's letter-this one sent directly to collegeson Sunday-has complicated the process, leaving principals and admission committee members confused. Colleges are now looking for clarity from the standing committee set up by UGCon Saturday.
College officials also said the standing committee should clear guidelines on courses scrapped under the four-year-undergraduate programme and on the issue of seat redistribution. DU, while introducing FYUP, had discontinued BA, BCom and BSc programmes and redistributed the seats among the discipline courses 1 (DC1). Colleges are now unsure whether they have to admit students in these programmes as UGC, in its order, has directed that admissions for 2014-15 have to be as per the three-year structure. "When these courses were scrapped, the university had told us the methodology for redistribution of seats. Now if they are to be restored, the university is obliged to tell us how," says a senior official from Ram Lal Anand College, conceding that they are "totally confused." They are, however, going ahead with the admission committee meetingon Mondaybut hoping there's more clarity by then.
"If the previous system and courses are restored, it's almost like doing everything afresh," observes Rajendra Prasad, principal, Ramjas College, "We will need more time to reorganize as a lot of work is involved. I hope the university will define the policies."
According to SRCC principal P C Jain, "We will continue with the cutoff meeting. We are awaiting further instructions though SRCC will not have any problem in deciding cutoffs as, even in the three-year system, we had just two courses."
However, it will be colleges that used to offer BCom, BSc and BA programmes in the three-year scheme and where BTech courses were introduced under FYUP that will face complications in deciding cutoffs.
Illustrating exactly how complicated the process can be, the perturbed principal of a North Campus college says, "I have no idea how to prepare the cutoff list. If we have to conduct admissions as per the three-year structure, will the BSc and BA programmes make a comeback? If, for example, I had 60 seats in physics in the three-year system and that became 97 when, under FYUP, the BSc programme was scrapped, how will I decide cutoffs. Again, how will we enrol students as no one has applied for these courses since they were not an option in the centralized registration process this year?" (source- TOI)
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