Over 2,000 foreign applications flood DU

June 17, 2014

New Delhi: The Foreign Students' Registry has received 2,098 applications from abroad with as many as 1,259 for the four-year undergraduate programme.

"This is unprecedented as in previous years, the number of applicants would be much higher for post-graduate courses," says a senior official from DU. There is a considerable number of applications for the master's programme as well - 607 - and 107 for PhD.
The registry has further received 36 applications for MPhil, 56 for certificate, 26 for diploma and five for advanced diploma courses. A large number of applications have come from Korea (59) followed by Iran (56) and Mauritius (49). There are 22 applicants from the United States, 24 from Japan, 36 from Fiji, 29 from Kenya and 20 from Thailand.
The admission process for foreign applicants was over even before the regular DU admission process began. Degrees and certificates and recognition-status of institutes that issued them are verified before applications are forwarded to individual departments.
By5pmon Friday, over 3.5 lakh had registered online and bought forms offline. The total number of online registrations was 2,10,872; of these, 1,23,806 have paid. The university sold 1,44,755 forms offline and received 1,02,677 completed applications. Over 25,000 have registered to write the test for bachelor in management studies and 16,084 have paid.
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