Delhi's Munish Sharma ranks second in UPSC exam

June 14, 2014

New Delhi : Munish Sharma from Delhi has secured the second spot in the2013Civil Services examination. The exam was conducted by UPSC in December2013while the results were announced on June12,2014.
The MBA graduate has credited his mother for supporting him. "My mother is a teacher and, in fact, even I started teaching from ninth grade, and I believe all of that has helped me today," Sharma said.
Munish did his B. Sc in Biochemistry from Delhi University and an MBA from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute. He prepared for the exam while he worked at KPMG.
This was Munish's second UPSC attempt. "Civil Service was my true calling. I just want to give my best to the country," he said.
Meanwhile, Gaurav Agrawal has become the first man in the last four years to top the UPSC. He holds Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science) degree from IIT-Kanpur and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Lucknow.
The top four ranks have been secured by men while only one woman has managed to make it in the top5slot this year.
Top five rank holders are:
1.Gaurav Agrawal
2.Munish Sharma
3.Rachit Raj
4.Akshay Tripathi
5.Bharti Dixit
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