Distance and online education is essential for strong India: Modi

June 11, 2014

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi today responds to President's speech in parliament. In his speech PM clearly said that distance and online education is essential for strong India . He said that india is the youngest country in the world and have 65 percent population under the 35 years of age. There is great need of education and training and we can achieve through distance education.

In his speech Modi said, “ there may not be good teachers in the villages but technology enables us to teach children in villages through satellite.” He said ,” We have many agricultural universities, and a lot of research is being done. But the sad thing is, what is there is the lab is not there on the land.

Emphasising its priority on training and technology Modi said ,” we need to concentrate on skill development. China is growing old, we are growing young.

He said India's identity in the world right now is 'Scam India' we need to change it to 'Skilled India'

Modi said One needs capability and talent to progress, only a certificate is not enough. The entire world needs workforce today. Can't we export teachers and doctors? A businessmen will bring back dollars, a teacher will bring back an entire generation.

President too said while addressing a joint session of parliament,” My government will strive to transition from Youth Development to Youth-led Development. It will set up Massive Open Online Courses and virtual classrooms. He said,” We must equip and nurture our youth with the right kind of education, skill-set and opportunity to reap this demographic dividend.

In his address, which enlisted the agenda of Narendra Modi Government for the next five years, Mukherjee said, “With the motto of “Har Haath Ko Hunar”, my government will strive to break the barriers between formal education and skill development, and put in place a mechanism to give academic equivalence to vocational qualifications. With the goal of Skilled India, my government will also launch a National Multi-skill Mission.

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