13 UPTU colleges seek disaffiliation

May 13, 2014

Noida : 40 academic institutions affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) have asked the university to shut down some of their academic programmes due to a lack of students, 13 others have asked for their disaffiliation from the University.

The academic institutions are in Kanpur, Agra, Meerut, Saharanpur, and Lucknow. There is one in Ghaziabad and two in Greater Noida.

UPTU held a meeting of the University Affiliation Committee and deliberated over the closure of these institutions. Seeking clarification on why the institutions wanted to get disaffiliated, some colleges claimed that they did not have adequate number of students applying for their programmes.

University officials, however, believe that there are other reasons influencing the move. Not all colleges seeking disaffiliation, indicated a sorry state of education, officials said.

UPTU registrar, U S Tomar, said some colleges have asked the university to disaffiliate them because they no longer wanted to be associated with it. "We have found that some of these colleges want to start new programmes, because of which they need to close the current programmes," Tomar said.

Another reason for disaffiliation is private colleges' desire to become private universities. "When private colleges flourish, they open multiple branches. A group of institutions then approach the state department of higher education to apply for a private university status. When they get approval, they seek disaffiliation from UPTU. Rama University in Kanpur and Shobhit University, Saharanpur are two such examples," he said. Source-TOI

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