NCTE bans new colleges of B.Ed

April 29, 2014

New Delhi : In a significant decision, National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has banned to give permission to open new colleges of BEd , BTC, MED, BPED and MPED. Referring the Supreme Court order, NCTE has made it clear that no decision will be taken on applications, made for new teacher training colleges for 2014-2015 and 2015-16 sessions.

All states Govts., Higher education departments and SCERT has been informed in this regard. Affiliation of more than 1500 colleges of UP is still in waiting list. After this decision college owners are in anguish.

A delegation of private college association of Uttar Pradesh met Dr. IK Mansoori, Director of northern regionalv office of NCTE in Jaipur on Monday.

Mansoori says,” Ban has been imposed on all courses of teacher training like BEd, BTC, MED, BPED etc. in the light of apex court decision.

More than 1800 colleges have applied for these courses for coming session. However 290 colleges have already been given permission for 2014-15 session after meeting which held on March 3, 2014. Every college has been granted 100 seats for BED and 50 seats for BTC courses.

No decision has been taken on rest 1590 applications yet. Officials of private colleges Association says ,’ Many of us has applied for colleges after taking loan from bank and others and after this decision has hurt a lot. Association has decided to move to SC against this decision.

Few days back, extension of NRC head Ram Kishore was cancelled by the HRD ministry in light of alleged corruption charges against him. Additional secretary in the HRD ministry's school division Amarjit Singh was also transferred to the ministry of water resources. Singh was looking after the work of NCTE in the ministry.

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