CAT Results Today -Learn The TOP 5 Answers to Crack Personal Interview at IIMs

December 27, 2014

This is in the Series of "How to Say it Best" - From the ones who made it to The Top B Schools

Q. Why do you want to do an MBA?
A. I have an aspiration to become an Entrepreneur and Start my own company. I have multiple ideas on that. I believe that an MBA would help me understand the fundamentals of business and explore the most realistic idea competently.

Things to Note: 

  • Interviewer is looking towards clarity of purpose and conviction. Vague or complex answers are not recommended
  • See how the candidate smartly threw hints that he has multiple ideas. There is high probability that the interviewer asks him about his ideas. This is how you can subtly lead the interview process towards your area of strength

Q. Tell me about yourself?
A. I am just another Aam Aadmi who wants to do something Khaas for my country and world through my hard work and examples. As you can see in my resume, I have got myself best in class education in field of engineering and have won numerous awards for my performance. All this has been for doing something big and worthwhile whose benefits reach far beyond me. This passion is what defines me.

Things to Note: 

  • It's a different answer, but interesting. It catches attention of interviewer
  • Throws hints that candidate is passionate and confident. Also leads the interviewer to chosen direction of candidate
  • Remember, more than what you speak, its 'How You Speak' is what the interviewer is looking for

Q. What are your Short Term Goal?
A. My short term career goal is to build upon my graduate and postgraduate knowledge and skills through experiential learning in industry. I want to involve in as many projects as possible, interact with more and more experts in the domain and maximize my learnings. This would act as solid foundation for my long term objectives.

Things to Note:

  • Give a practical answer. Answers that focus on achieving cult status in short term showcase impracticality
  • As an MBA, your answer must be ambitious yet realistic

Q. What are your Long Term Goals?
A. I want to be an entrepreneur that works in the domain of innovation. I have not yet decided on any specific innovation. But given my expertise and interests, I intend to focus in the domain of business analytics and generate intellectual property, so that I could be text-book material.

Things to Note

  • Showcases focus as well as openness. In long-run, you can talk about truly ambitious goals as well

Q. Why should we select you?
A. Honestly, selection or rejection does not matter to me. I am resolved to achieving my goals irrespective of that. However if you don't select me, you would lose on the chance to have my name among your alumni. You will be in my autobiography in any case. How you want to be mentioned is your choice.

Things to Note


  • This answer got the candidate selected as well as made the panel appreciate the candidate immediately. Such answers can bring the decision of selection for you, if you have handled the interview confidently and have been able to involve the interviewers' emotions
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