Cheating in railway exam, 20 candidates caught using WhatsApp ..

December 1, 2014

From earphones to Bluetooth devices to WhatsApp messages: Mobile tools students are using to cheat in exams are changing fast.

At an All-India Railway Recruitment Board exam in Hyderabad, 20 candidates were caught on Sunday using instant messenger WhatsApp and Bluetooth devices embedded with SIM cards to answer questions, said a newspaper report on Monday.

According to police, this is how the system worked: The man who ran the racket would receive questions from candidates in the exam hall on WhatsApp. He would then send the questions to a team of experts. The experts would relay the answers on Bluetooth earpieces containing SIM cards which the candidates were wearing, reported The Indian Express.

Hyderabad police has arrested 22 people including a railway official for running the racket in the all-India exam.

They recovered eight electronic devices with in-built SIM cards, two laptops, a printer, nine earpieces resembling Bluetooth devices and 27 mobile phones. 

Police said the racket was operational in Hyderabad, Tirupati and some other places in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The police had raided the exam centre and arrested 20 candidates with earpieces.

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