United States' new immigration policy to benefit Indian students

November 27, 2014

US has cleared the new immigration policy which will benefits Indian students altogether.

The newly introduced policy is going to help US as well in retaining skillful foreign technical students and employees as well as wannabe entrepreneurs in their country.

Benefits for the newly Introduced Policy It will allow Indian graduates to spend more time in the US in tracking down of education and career opportunities.

The rules for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program will be made easy.The program enables F-1 (student) visa-holders to be employed full-time in the US for a maximum of 29 months, after they acquire a US bachelors', masters' or doctoral degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

The policy will also improve on-the-job training for STEM graduates of US-based institutes in order to retain them in US.

It is important to note that, presently there are over 1 lakh students pursuing their studies in the US, out of which around 70% are enrolled in STEM courses.

As per the new introduced policy, students who graduates in  STEM subjects can stay back longer in US after completing their studies to find employment, post their one-year OPT program and for that context, A quite astonishing fact is that a large number of  international students in the US pursue either a STEM course or a Business Management course. So, altogether, the STEM subjects comprise 37% of all F-1 visa approvals. 

As per the Brooking Report:

Out of the total foreign STEM students 31% comes from China, 

27% comes from India and

5% belongs to South Korea

US always have been an all time favorite destination for Indian students for pursuing their higher studies. The overall number of Indian students pursuing their studies in US has increased by 28% to 1, 34,292, as per a report published recently by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the Department of Homeland Security.

Talking of Indian students, they are the second largest section of foreign students in studying in America, Just a step behind China which tops the list.

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