M S University published special issue of 'Studies in Museology'

November 15, 2014

The Department of Museology of M S University's Faculty of Fine Arts has published a special issue of 'Studies in Museology' - one of the oldest journals of the university. The special issue which is a reprint of selected articles from the journal's volume I to IV which were published between 1965 and 1968 has been made available on MSU's official website with ISSN number. The earliest volumes of this journal volume are now out of print. The department which was established at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1953 had started publishing the journal named 'Studies in Museology' in 1965 - when it was first of its kind project in the country. The journal was started with the aim to inculcate awareness about the importance of the existence of museums in the society in general and importance of research in the field. The department has continued publishing this journal with the same motives till this day. Almost 46 issues have been published over the years in which the experts, researchers and museologists have reflected upon various aspects of museums. The articles published in these issues are of interest to even common people. The special issue is an assortment of 14 articles by eminent personnel of India, abroad and an expatriate - a generation earlier who immensely contributed to the development of the museum profession. The themes and content of these articles indicate the development of museums, understanding of issues and concerns related to this institution, and the role of an exotic conservation institute, at that epoch.

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