Restructuring of FYUP leave DU students confused

July 23, 2014

Delhi University's new session has already started on July 21after the rollback of the

controversial four-year under-graduate programme (FYUP) but the students enrolled under it

are confused and said they are in no man's land reported IANS.

"Authorities have played with our future; we are in no man's land. We don't know what will

happen to us. We started criticising the four-year programme initially, then we accepted it and

got used to the programme but now it has been rolled back," Malvika Sharad, second-year

history honours student at Lady Shri Ram College, told IANS.

Aditi Jain, a B.Com honours student at Lady Shri Ram College said: "Even our teachers are

confused now. They are giving us no information about the course. It would have been good if

they had given a thought over this FYUP thing a bit earlier."

The students said they have been totally ignored by the authorities.

"They have forgotten us. They are not concerned about our future. I was never in favour of

the FYUP from the beginning," said Mahima Tigga, a mass communication student at Kamala

Nehru College.

According to the new restructuring, the university will function under a unique arrangement

where students will be simultaneously taught under two different course structures.

The first will be exclusively for the 2013 FYUP batch and the second will be according to the

2012 syllabus for the rest of the batches.

Delhi University, one of the prestigious universities in the country, admits over 50,000 students

under its under-graduate programme in 63 colleges.

Echoing similar sentiments, Anjali Kavatia of Ramjas College said: "The FYUP clearly wasted

our time. During our first year, only basic things were taught and we will be much behind our

juniors. There will be a lots of pressure on us in next two years."

Kavatia is studying mathematics honours.

Divish Soni from Hindu College said: The Delhi University authorities have done enough of

experiments on us. I hope the two years will be smooth and pass without much difficulty."

Source: I.T.


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